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Lawn and Turf

We do all Lawn, Turf Shrubs, and Trees.  Try our pest home control plan today.  You will be very happy with our work.  Spray you lawn for fleas ticks and chiggers.


 We sell Termidor it is a termite Killer. We do one treatment with a 10 year guarantee period!  With a bait station there are holes and gaps termites can get through.  Termidor no gaps no termites!

      pictureWHMS has the experience to tackle some of the toughest pest.   There is not a Bed Bug, spider, cockroach, flea, issue we cannot fix.  We specialize in Brown Recluse spiders.  There are misnomers out there no one can kill Brown Recluse.  That is not true.  WHMS specializes in Brown Recluse and all other arachnids.

Brown Recluse

picture    picture

1.     Hibernate over winter between the insolation and the sheet rock.   As you can see in the picture above, they can be relatively large.
2.     Are hunters and get confused with the Wolf Spider
3.     Can live in a vial caped off for 7 months with food or water.
4.     Have smooth legs very thin and fine hair.

Wolf Spiders

picture    picture

1.     Are very fast runners  for hunter their pray
2.     Very hairy and large bodies

There are two main kinds of cockroaches that can infest homes in Missouri including German cockroach, American cockroach.. These two species can be major pests in restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, offices and buildings with food-handling areas.

Many people are repulsed and/or disgusted by the simple presence of cockroaches. However, they are also an important public health problem by contaminating food and eating utensils. Cockroaches are known to carry human pathogens, such as Salmonella and Ecoli, which can result in human diseases, such as food poisoning or diarrhea. Occasionally, they will destroy fabric and paper products. In large numbers, cockroaches secrete a substance which can result in stains on surfaces they contact and produce disagreeable odors. Finally, products of cockroach infestations, including saliva, feces and cast skins, are a source of allergens and can irritate allergies and asthma in people, especially children.

picture    picture
German Cockroach                                    American Cockroach



1.     The Vacuum cleaner has to be your best friend for the next 2-3 months.  Vacuum – Vacuum – Vacuum!!!  If you have a canister empty every time you vacuum, if you have a bag vacuum through away the bag every time.  Overnight they will crawl back out of the vacuum and re-infest.
2.     Through away the pet bedding
3.     Hot water washing and drying
4.     Fleas can stay in certain stages of their life cycle and not feed for a year.

Bed Bugs

picture    picture

Bed bugs are well known as annoying biting pests, and they are increasing in importance, including in hotels and other lodging establishments in the U.S. You are encouraged to learn more about the biology of bed bugs and their association with homes, apartments, hotels, and lodging establishments so that you can make more informed decisions about health risks, how to protect yourself when traveling, and whether bed bug control is warranted in a residence or lodging establishment.

Bed bugs require blood in order to reproduce and complete their life cycle. The effect of bed bug bites varies among people, but they eventually produce red welts that itch. The bites themselves are not painful and typically are not felt. However, frequent feeding can disrupt people’s sleep and make them irritable, and seeing bites may cause emotional distress in some people. Heavy rates of feeding can result in significant blood loss and eventually lead to anemia, especially in malnourished children.

At least 27 agents of human disease have been found in bed bugs, including viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and parasitic worms. None of these agents reproduce or multiply within bed bugs, and very few survive for any length of time inside a bed bug. There is no evidence that bed bugs are involved in the transmission (via bite or infected feces) of any disease agent, including hepatitis B virus and HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

How Many Types of Bed Bugs Are There?
There is only one species of bed bug in Missouri, Cimex lectularius. This species is a pest of humans worldwide, including the entire U.S., and has over 50 common names, among them “mahogany flat,” “redcoat,” “wall louse,” and “bed louse.” A second species of bed bug, Cimex hemipterus, is limited to tropical regions of the world. A third species of bed bug, Leptocimex boueti, lives with and feeds on both humans and bats in West Africa.

Home Maintenance Pest Services does it all.  Here is a list but not limited to of what we do.

  • Termites
    Ten year guarantee to be termite free. See Clark for detail
    Termite Inspections
  • Spiders
    All arachnids, Black Widow, Brown Recluse, Hobo, Common cellar Spider, and others
  • Cockroaches
    All Roaches, German, Brown, American, in all eviroments
  • Bed Bugs
    Commercial or residential
  • Fleas
  • Ants
  • Rodents
  • Birds

Electric shock plates

  • Bat
  • Wildlife

All forms of wildlife
Attic host like raccoons, squirrels, rats